Results of the 5th round of ISHF Top League

Results of the 5th round of ISHF Top League

Well… here comes the first memorable date – the teams have played 100 games each, which means that the fifth round of the competition is over. As always – we summarise the team intermediate results, although, spoiler alert, there’s no change.

  1. Ledianye Voiny – 191 points, 65% win rate.

It’s hard to say anything new about the team, which has been at the top of the table for a month now. The team led by Dmitriy Gavrilovich has been experimenting with rotation, which allows the leaders to rest without too much loss in the quality of their play.

  1. Shest Trolley – 185 points, 60% wins.

In the last two rounds Six Trolls managed, albeit minimally, to improve their winning percentage – now at 60% instead of 58% previously, but this positive trend still does not allow the team of Pavel Kutyakov to move the Ice Warriors from their throne.

3: Armeets – 182 points, 60% of the wins.

Armeets let the Trolley down a bit, just giving those 2% wins to the green team. Apparently it’s not enough for the team captain to have 11 men in his application, because we have seen some new faces in the squad over the previous 2 rounds.

  1. Uralets – 141 points, 44% of wins.

Evgeniy Kostin keeps his team on the brink of the abyss – in 4th place, allowing them to make the playoffs. The gap to their pursuers is comfortable, but there’s no way they can close the gap, so they can’t slow down. They’re working on a big addition to their roster, which we’ll let you know about a bit later.

  1. M. Eshelon – 115 points, 39% of wins.

The team continues to take the team by storm and the dependence on the quality of the captain’s play is unbelievable. Yes, they managed to slightly narrow the gap to Ural, but 26 points is still too much of a deficit to say that the team is on the upswing.

  1. Molotoboytsy – 86 points, 32% win rate.

Still last, but they are getting more interesting to watch day by day. The team is even the statistical leader in one category – they have 13 wins in 16 penalty shots series. No one is more confident than Ilya Ostrovskiy’s team in that component. Yes, the Ledianye Voiny have the same number of wins in the postgame penalty shootout, but with 22 attempts.