Statistics,  statistics and statistics again!

Statistics, statistics and statistics again!

In the ISHF TOP LEAGUE tournament, the teams are slowly approaching the 100-match milestone. That is practically 1/3 of the entire regular championship. While team positions are updated every 2 rounds, personal statistics take up less space in the reports, although there is a lot of interesting stuff there too.

In this material we will introduce you to the statistical leaders in each position and also tell you a little more about the heroes of ISHF TOP LEAGUE.

🧮 Total score: Pavel Kutyakov – 173 points

The captain and leader of the Shest Trolley team is unexpectedly at the top of the list of top scorers in the Regular Championship after 80+ games played. Why unexpectedly, you might logically wonder, and the answer is quite simple – Pavel is a debutant in tournaments under the auspices of the RSHF and ISHF. Moreover, the twenty-year-old is not afraid to take the reins of the team, and after a bad start, the team is seriously engaged in the race for the top spot in the table. Pavel does not limit himself to a single job, he gives assists and scores himself in equal measure – 89 goals and 84 assists for a partner.

🎯 Number of goals scored: Pavel Kutyakov – 89.

Yes, there’s the captain of the Trolls again. And nothing seems to characterise the main contender in the voting for Regular Championship MVP more clearly than these two points.

🏒 Number of assists: Anton Borko – 86 assists.

Just 2 assists ahead of Kutyakov in the list of top assists. We can see how Anton is evolving from a simple forward into a more team player. It’s true that Urals is not doing well right now, but we want to believe that Anton’s experience will help the team improve things.

🚫 Offences: Ramiz Ganeyev – 26 fouls.

Here’s M. Echelon making his mark on the ‘best’ list. And although the nomination does not look good at first glance, it can give the opponents an understanding of who is better not to deal with on the ice – they’ll be safer. For Ramiz it is his third official tournament under the auspices of ISHF, and he clearly now shows his best qualities, recording in addition to 26 violations also 112 points, and the Eschelon have a real chance to get into the top 4, because the gap from the fourth placed Ural team reduced to 21 points.

🟨🟥 Yellow and red cards: Pavel Belov – 8 cards ( 7 🟨 + 1 🟥).

Well the most vicious rule breaker in the tournament is Pavel Belov – another debutant in short hockey. This guy has only 7 rule violations, but 8 cards of different colours. The fight with Gleb Miroshnikov is still in the memory, but otherwise, it is hard to remember at first glance what the referees resorted to almost the highest penalty for.