Records come in all shapes and sizes

Records come in all shapes and sizes

Short hockey, as a sporting activity, does not involve active contact. It is forbidden by the rules. In addition, players are strictly forbidden to have physical contact with each other – such actions are strictly forbidden. But sometimes there are games, when passions run high and emotions run high, even among skilled players, and this can have fatal consequences.

In the last match of the 21st game day of ISHF TOP LEAGUE the teams Uralets and Molotoboytsy met. And this match could have been a most routine one if it wasn’t for the number of red cards received for gross violations of the short hockey rules.

In the middle of the game, the first red card was given to Molotoboytsy captain Ilya Ostrovsky for hitting an opponent with his stick, who happened to be Uralets captain Evgeny Kostin.

At the end of the final third, Kostin himself received a red card for fighting with Denis Kazakov, who was given the same penalty.

Total: 3 red cards per match – an absolute record and the first time in the history of tournaments under the auspices of ISHF.