ISHF Top League the third round results

ISHF Top League the third round results

Before you know it, the third round of the ISHF Top League 2022 has come to an end. We invite you to take a look at the successes and, of course, the failures of the teams, as well as the changes in the standings. To make the statistics clear, we offer you to see the % of wins for each team.

In addition, as always, we will mention the top scorers from the third 

☑️ 1. Ledianye Voiny – 119 points, 67% win percentage.

The Voiny continue to trail in first place, never relinquishing their position to any of their rivals. Yes, in the last days of the tour the team had problems with the accumulation of points and victories in general, but the team was able to rectify the situation on the last day and remain the sole leader of the tournament.

⬆️ 2. 6 Trolley – 111 points, 58% of wins.

We’d like to remind you that this team got off to a poor start, but now they’re giving the main title challenger a fight. What’s more, the team under Pavel Kutyakov is terrifying their opponents’ goalkeepers, pushing their performance to unbelievable heights in some games. They own the biggest score difference in this round – 9 pucks in a game where Trolls beat Eshelon 13-4.

⬆️ 3. Armeets – 111 points, 62% win rate.

Yes, this is a paradox – the number of points scored is exactly the same as the team in second place, the winning percentage is even higher, but the team is only in 3rd place. The Red and Blue have finally managed to pick up a winning run, as expected. Of course, the team’s main feature is still their long list of players, who can substitute every day, thereby not getting as tired as their opponents. In terms of the end of the first round, the team noticeably improved, which was reflected in the result and moved up one line in the standings.

⬇️ 4. Uralets – 81 points, 43% of wins.

The team from Kachkanar, whose captain decided to rebuild after the first round, is still searching for its style of play. But there is confidence that the team under the leadership of Evgeny Kostin will be able to rectify the situation and return to winning ways, because with every game the young newcomers gain experience and that is what can be a trump factor for Uralets in the long haul – freshness and unconventional solutions from young players who will have tremendous experience of playing short hockey.

⛔️ 5. M. Eshelon – 74 points, 42% of wins.

As time goes on, Eshelon’s tournament position doesn’t change. All the team is memorable for are the numerous substandard goal celebrations. Yes, they’re starting somewhere, but of course, first and foremost, team fans would like to see results. Of course, near the end of the round the team managed to improve the situation a little, but they are still far from the top three.

⛔️ 6. Molotoboytsy – 45 points, 28% win percentage.

The most unpredictable team in the tournament, who can beat the leader and then lose in several games in a row. It’s difficult to analyze what exactly the team’s problems are, because the squad is the only one, in 60 games should be well played, but probably the main problem of the Hammers is effectiveness. Not its absence, but its rarity in the necessary moments, when the team concedes by one puck, and the team has a lot of such games.

Now, let’s talk about personalities. The situation relative to the end of the first round has changed significantly, but the changes are more than logical, since the athletes who made it to the top are 

Top 5 players in terms of points scored: 

Pavel Kutyakov (6 Trolley) – 116 points

Dmitry Gavrilovich (Ledianye Voiny) – 110 points

Vadim Rybakov (Ledianye Voiny) – 104 points

Ivan Kechkin (6 Trolley) -91 points

Maxim Antonov (6 Trolley) – 88 points