Last step before the play-offs

Last step before the play-offs

Only one day left until the end of the regular season.

During the week, the positioning of the teams in the standings has changed dramatically, with the experienced leaders regaining their positions and the younger teams dropping back to their rightful places, ceding the lead to the more experienced competitors.

The only thing unchanged is the position of the Shest’ Trolley, who certainly can’t take credit for their performance in their debut tournament.

Armeets and Uralets, who got us used to seeing them at the top of the standings of the various championships held under the auspices of ISHF in the already departed 2021, got off to a poor start in the tournament, but in the 8 days of 2022 they managed to bounce back from the holidays and regain their top places. At the end of the 16th game day the teams are separated by 3 points and if luck is on the side of the team from Kachkanar, they can take another title in the regular season, although, as you may remember, if the team wins the regular season, their trip to the playoffs becomes less successful – both times the gold medalists have regularly stopped one step away from the coveted trophy.

This tournament is even more important for Armeets, because in Belarus they were beaten in the semi-finals, while in Elektrostal they reached the final, but lost to Uralets.

The Chetyre Ledokola can still compete with the leaders for the first place. They now have 107 points, one point less than the Uralets and four points less than the Armeets team. The team has clearly slowed down compared to the first half of the tournament, but the handicap earned in 2021 allows the Ledokoly to stay afloat and qualify for medals.

Moskovskiy Eshelon as well as the Chetyre Ledokola also lost their lead, dropping from second place to 4th, which would allow the team to fight for a silver medal in some circumstances, but for higher medals there’s no hope anymore.

Equal points with Moskovskiy Eshelon are the Molotoboytsy, sitting in fifth place in the table. The teams will face each other in a head-to-head encounter to decide who will clinch the vacant top-four spot and fight for the Christmas Cup.