The ISHF ELECTROSTAL CUP 2021 tournament kicked off with a scheduled one-week break from 02.08 to 08.08.

The ISHF ELECTROSTAL CUP 2021 tournament kicked off with a scheduled one-week break from 02.08 to 08.08.

While the teams, the arena and our YouTube channel rest from the matches of the ISHF ELECTROSTAL CUP 2021 as part of the planned week break, we can summarize the interim results about the performance of teams and players; their prospects in the final rounds of the regular championship and in the playoffs.

From the very beginning of the tournament the Uralets were firmly in the lead and even with Vladimir Kalugin and Pavel Podluboshnov gone they didn’t lose their lead, although their winning percentage clearly dropped. It seemed that there was a decline in Kachkanar’s game, but we look at the table and see that before the break the team had a winning streak of 4 matches.

Of course, the surprise of this championship was the Moskovskiy Eshelon. The team that was assembled from the wreckage of the Four Icebreakers, with the addition of Kotov from Armeets, Isayev from Almaty, Prus from Molotoboytsy, as well as new recruits that make up 2/3 of the entries for the tournament – the Moskovskiy Eshelon is in the second place and is not going to give it up.

The decline of the Belsk game, which again, like in the last tournament, fiercely fought for the top three in the regular season, is quite logical. Two leaders, for personal reasons, left the team, namely: Egor Feofanov, Mikhail Syroezhkin. Semyon Grashin switched from one Belorussian team to another and now plays for Kuznya, which he helped to escape from the last line. The team went on pause with 3 losses in a row, and at this rate can drop to the 5th line.

Ferrum, led by Vladislav Shiryaev, started very cheerfully. They couldn’t continue in that fashion, primarily due to problems with their roster, which is why the team from Jurmala dropped to #4, which, however, still gives them better seeding before the playoffs.

Armeets is literally breathing down the neck of the Ferrum team, but that’s what it takes away, not catch up. The team has 6 losses in a row before going on pause, and it seems that it is the Balashikha hockey players who are most in need of this pause.

The Molotoboytsy and Ledianye Voiny can be grouped together under the name “Brothers in misfortune”, because both teams have a strong, capable squad, but occupy such low positions (6 and 7), respectively, due to the failed performance at the start of the championship.

Closes the table Kuznya, which, went on pause with 4 wins in 5 games. It’s important to note that Kuznya is likely to meet in the first round of the playoffs with Uralts, and in the last 6 games the score between the teams is 5-1 in favor of the Mogilev team. This tells us that Uralets won’t have an easy walk in the first round and by the way Kuznya finds gaps in the Kachkanar defenses every time – we can expect a sensation already at the start of the playoffs.