Interim results of ISHF Elektrostal Cup 2021

Interim results of ISHF Elektrostal Cup 2021

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a month since the start of the ISHF Elektrostal Cup 2021. 

The tournament has gained momentum and crossed its equator this week. Now, the games will need to be monitored even more closely, because the closer the end, the more decisive each match will be for the teams.

The Uralets resolved almost everything with their final position, although after the departure of Podluboshnov and Kalugin the team is feverish and can’t get back on the winning track to the finish of the regular season without much trouble.

Belsk is again, as in the last tournament in the city of Elektrostal, a perennial pursuer in second place. The team remained the same, only Nikita Pozdniakov and a new goalie with a sonorous hockey name, especially for Russian fans – Kharlamov, were added to the old roster.

The surprise team was the Moskovskiy Eshelon, based on the Icebreakers from the last tournament. Vasily Doronin continues to prove himself as the leader, and he is supported by Dmitry Kotov and Ivan Isaev, who joined from other teams.

Those who have lost their quality of play are Armeets, who are a lift team, constantly moving up and down in the standings.

Ferrum are resting solely on the shoulders of Vladislav Shiryaev, who is gradually beginning to make his claim to the MVP title of the regular season, which is well deserved, because without him the team would be much lower.

The Molotoboytsy added two star players to their roster this week – Kalugin and Podluboshnov. The number of wins is increasing, but unfortunately for most Molotoboytsy fans – if one of this pair drops out, the likelihood of a win is significantly reduced.

Kuznya retained less than 50% of the squad from the last tournament, which is probably why they currently occupy the penultimate line in the table. Georgiy Badalyan is trying to pull the team, but it doesn’t always work out.

Last are the Ledianye Voiny. The team has again a very competitive squad, but the syndrome of the last tournament does not leave the Moscow team – the actual wins are many times less than expected.