ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open Jakhn Cup 2021 play-off results

ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open Jakhn Cup 2021 play-off results

On 13 May, the last match at the tournament in Elektrostal was played, as a result of which the Uralets won the Electrostal Open Jakhn Cup 2021. This is the second final for the team from Kachkanar and the first cup won. In the final match Balashikha Armeets was beaten, which in its turn is the winner of the regular championship, but in the cup the team could settle for the second place only.

Third place unexpectedly came from Mogilev Kuznya, who defeated their compatriots from Minsk team Belsk in a match for the bronze medals. After the defeat by Uralets many wrote off Kuznya, but the players from Mogilev managed to surprise both hockey fans and their personal fans as well as their opponents by beating them 6-2.

The Belsk could hardly be happy with fourth place, as the team took silver in the regular championship, but in the cup they were thwarted in the semi-finals by Armeets, whom Belsk lost to by a combined score of 12-1.

Fifth place went to the Ledianye Voiny, who beat the Chetyre Ledokola. The Moscow team showed the same result as in the regular championship (6th place) and afterwards can play in their first tournament under the aegis of ISHF.

Sixth place, as mentioned earlier, went to the Chetyre Ledokola, who lost 5-3 to the Ledianye Voiny in a very hard fought game. The Ledokoly, similarly to their opponents in this match, managed to take a more prestigious place than in the regular championship (7), mainly thanks to the blurred performance of the Almaty team.

The team from Kazakhstan could show their true strength only in the second game against the Armeets team, when they outplayed their opponent till 27 minutes of the match, but then tragically let in 2 goals in less than 2 minutes, and in the second round they lost to the Chetyre Ledokola with the score 16:9. For the 7th place Almaty didn’t even have to play a game, because the team automatically booked this position, after Crystal themselves wished to leave the tournament due to an epidemic of injuries and the inability to find a replacement, because according to the rules to make the playoffs a player has to play a minimum of 18 games in the regular season for a team. As a result Crystal finished in last place in the playoffs, although they finished in 4th place in the regular season and for a long time were in the lead of the league.

The only personal award given at the end of the ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open Jakhn Cup 2021 was the title of the Most Valuable Player, which went to Aleksey Kudreman, captain of the Uralets team.