Summary of the 30th Gameday of ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021

Summary of the 30th Gameday of ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021

In the thirtieth game day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021, Ferrum, Almaty, Kuznya and Chetyre Ledokola played in the morning session. Kuznya could catch up with Uralets, who were on holiday that day.
The tournament leaders from the top 3 gathered in the evening, as well as the Molotoboytsy, who pulled off an unexpected surprise.

Ferrum surprisingly managed to beat Almaty in the first match of the match day, but then the team had a regular match day in which they lost the rest of their matches cleanly. Only the defeat to Kuznya, against whom Ferrum managed to get back into the game after going 0-3, can be credited as an asset.

Almaty, too, won only one game against Kuznya, in the penalty shootout. The team continues to produce unsightly results, with Evgeny Lyzin continuing to score, but less than before.

Kuznya had two wins in three games, although all three games ended in a penalty shootout. That result prevented Kuznya from climbing to fourth place, ahead of Armeets. Tomorrow, the team has only one match left to play, which the team has not played in the 11 game day.

Chetyre Ledokola are already two games away from the Ledianye Voiny. The team was able to overcome a very difficult journey from ninth team to a potential sixth place in the standings. Alexander Lyubimov shined for the team today, scoring three goals in one game to help the team pick up the points they need for the playoffs.

The Molotoboytsy came away with only one win today, but that came against Crystal in the first game of the second half. The result was unexpected also because the Molotoboytsy dominated the entire game over Crystal, who were unable to counter anything against the ninth team in the tournament.

Cristal defeated Armeets, a direct contender for the championship gold medal, but lost to Belsk and the Molotoboytsy with a combined score of 13-4. As the game day progressed, the team lost their main striker and statistical leader, Egor Aleshin.

Belsk performed today with a 100% result, beating both direct rivals, which allowed the Minsk team to cut the distance to second place to 5 points. The match between Armeets and Belsk saw the final score of 1-0 for the first time in the tournament. The teams played until the first mistake, which was made by the players of the Balashikha team. The play of Belsk`s goalkeeper Bogachev was phenomenal this evening.

Armeets entered this game day with one specific goal – to take 9 points in all games and break away from the pursuers by even further distance. But in the end, the team could only beat the Molotoboytsy, repeating the result of the previous game day – 4-0. Denis Shupinski is already making a habit of leaving his side’s goals without a conceded goal.

The results of the thirtieth match day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Ferrum – Almaty 3:1
Kuznya – Chetyre Ledokola 6:5
Almaty – Kuznya 6:5
Chetyre Ledokola – Ferrum 6:2
Almaty – Chetyre Ledokola 3:6
Ferrum – Kuznya 3:4
Molotoboytsy – Crystal 6:3
Belsk – Armeets 1:0
Armeets – Crystal 5:6
Belsk – Molotoboytsy 3:2
Molotoboytsy – Armeets 0:4
Crystal – Belsk 1:7

On the 1st of May the 11th match day will be completed. Crystal, Uralets, Molotoboytsy, Ledianye Voiny, Kuznya, Belsk, Armeets and Chetyre Ledokola. The eight matches will be played between 8:00 and 18:00. The tournament then goes on pause and returns on the 31st game day, May 3 from 17:00.