Start of the 24th Gameday of ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021

Start of the 24th Gameday of ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021

In the morning half of the twenty-fourth game day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021, the Ledianye Voiny were gradually getting closer to the top three teams, with Uralets trying to catch up with their direct competitors for the top 4, while Almaty and Ferrum between them decided which team was in the worst shape.

Uralets lost only one match in the morning half, but which one – another defeat by the Ledianye Voiny forces the team from Kachkanar to move up to 5th place in the table.

Almaty lost all their matches. Once again. The defeat against Ferrum looks the most painful, because the Latvian team was the last team from Kazakhstan to successfully beat them on a regular basis. Now even here there are problems and no points.

The Ledianye Voiny are getting closer and closer to the leaders of the tournament. The gap from Belsk is eight points. The team has steadily risen to its level of play, and the rest, which will be given to the team on April 25 – will benefit the team. A clear reinforcement for the team is number 4, who has helped pull the team to the top of the tournament with his actions.

On a par with the Ledianye Voiny – success today went to the Ferrum team. The new goalkeeper was the deciding factor in the Latvian team’s play, almost single-handedly winning the match against the Ledianye Voiny – the nominal leaders. The team’s chances of making the playoffs are critically slim, but they can bleed the leaders from Latvia.

The results of the morning half of the twenty-fourth day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Ledianye Voiny – Uralets 5:3
Ferrum – Almaty 3:1
Uralets – Ferrum 6:2
Almaty – Ledianye Voiny 4:5
Uralets – Almaty 6:2
Ledianye Voiny – Ferrum 2:3

In the evening half of the game day, Armeets and Molotoboytsy return to action. The team from Balashikha once again have a chance to take 1st in the table. The Ledokoly can take advantage of an unsuccessful performance by the Almaty team in the morning session to move up to 7th place.

Historic opponents and neighbours in the standings – Ledianye Voiny and Uralets – go on pause after this game day. The Voiny have been at their best since the last break and sit in a confident 4th place.