Aleksandr Akhramovich — We have a young team, but very experienced players.

Aleksandr Akhramovich — We have a young team, but very experienced players.

An interview with Aleksandr Akhramovich, the leader and captain of one of the most original teams at the tournament in Electrostal, Belsk.

— Aleksandr, the tournament in Electrostal is nearing its equator, your team is among the leaders and according to many experts, Belsk is one of the main contenders to win this tournament. Did you expect such a result from the team? After all, this is a debut for the Belarusian club in the World Series.

— We have a young team, but very experienced players. There are players who already have experience in short hockey, they help the new recruits, and the game in general is a well-coordinated. That is what we were counting on when we were putting together the team. It is too early to say who will get the cup. But that’s why we applied to this competition.

— Everyone says your team is disciplined and has a closed style of play. At the same time, the team is scoring a lot. Will there be any strengthening for the playoffs and if so, who are you waiting for?

— I don’t know yet, but I don’t want to upset the balance in the first half of the tournament. We must look at different options so that the balance in offense and defense is not broken.

— President of ISHF, Maksim Sivalnev, has declared his desire to host the World Short Hockey Championship this year, and he once said that he would like to see Aleksandr Akhramovich in the role of captain for Belarus. What are your own thoughts on the matter?

— Actually, I already have a lot of experience in international appearances.
I think the World Short Hockey Championship won’t be a problem for our team to reach the top honours at the tournament.

— Who personally supports Akhramovic?

— My family watches the team games, we are always in touch with my mother and interested in our progress. My girlfriend and I lead a team life outside the tournament. She also monitors all of our results, always encourages and guides us. I thank her for that.
Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in this tournament, and we will try to do our best to win 1st place!