Summary of the 19th Gameday of ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021

Summary of the 19th Gameday of ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021

In the evening half of the nineteenth game day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021, Armeets and Belsk solved their tasks for positioning in the standings, Kuznya could overtake Uralets, and Chetyre Ledokola, inspired by yesterday’s winning streak could well come close to failing after failing Almaty.

Kuznya lost both games to Russian teams, but in the Belarusian derby they scored an unexpected win, outplaying their counterparts from Minsk. Unfortunately for themselves, the team from Mogilev failed to take fourth place in the standings, and they remained at 5, with no risk of losing it.

The Chetyre Ledokola were unable to continue their winning streak and suffered 2 straight defeats to the league leaders by the same score of 2-6. Tomorrow morning the team will have a great chance to regain the squandered points, as their opponents will be Almaty, Ferrum and Kuznya, who managed to be beaten this evening.

Belsk had a mediocre evening for themselves. On the positive side, we can consider a win over direct championship rival Armeets, and on the negative side, a defeat by Kuznya. The team is 3 wins away from first place and tomorrow they will have a chance to fight for it.

Armeets confidently went to the first line in the standings, but stumbled against Belsk, in a match with whom the team from Balashikha dominated for 2 periods. In tomorrow’s clash, the team will be able to show themselves and their fans whether or not they can fight for the championship medals again.

The results of the evening half of the nineteenth matchday of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Kuznya – Armeets 3:4
Belsk – Chetyre Ledokola 6:2
Chetyre Ledokola – Armeets 2:6
Belsk – Kuznya 2:3
Kuznya – Chetyre Ledokola 1:4
Armeets – Belsk 3:4

Crystal and the Molotoboytsy are back in action on game day 20, heading straight to Armeec and Belsk in the second half of the game day. Understandably, the Molotoboytsy are likely to perform worst there, but there could be a real showdown between Crystal, Armeets and Belsk, as even Belsk could climb to 1st place depending on the results. As for the morning game, Kuznya look like a wolf among the sheep among Almaty, Ferrum and the Chetyre Ledokola. It will be a surprise if either team can beat the Mogilev side.