Summary of day 9 of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

Summary of day 9 of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

In the evening half of the ninth game day of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021 there was a clear leader among the participants – Crystal, but according to the results of the day the leadership in victories ( 2 each) was shared by Electrostal and Balashikha teams.

Ledianye Voiny is a team that will bring plenty of surprises to both opponents and spectators of the championship. In the first, very tough, match against the team Uralets they did not manage to impose the game on their opponents, but then they beat Armeets in very easy style. The defeat by Crystal looks like the most logical result of the three games.

The Uralets continue to leave a lot of questions with their defensive play. The brightest example which exposed this problem in the best possible way was the match with Crystal, which the team from Kachkanar literally gave away to their rivals, conceding 7 goals in the last period of the match. This match was followed by a defeat at the hands of principle rivals (the second in 2 days), the team Armeets. A ray of light this Friday night was the victory in the first match over the Ledianye Voiny. This victory should be taken as a spoonful of honey, but no more. Conclusions need to be drawn from defeats, especially when conceding 13 in a match and 7 in 10 minutes.

The Armeets quietly got close to the leaders, and now they are already two points behind second place, having a whole game day to spare. If the team continues to play like that, beating their direct rivals at the top of the standings, in order to be called the tournament favorite, the team from Balashikha will need to learn to play against weaker teams, who are looking to counterattack.

It’s hard to say anything about a team that, with a seven-point lead and three games to spare, is pulling away from its pursuer in the standings. Crystal are strong and have a chance to win – we all know that, but it’s worth noting from today’s fixture: The team began to concede, and even more so, to lose, just like Kuznya. The defeat was logical, the Armeets team showed their class, which in this particular game was superior to the opponent. Their lead is big enough to allow them to lose, but it’s already clear that if they don’t have a joker up their sleeve, it will get harder and harder with every game, and only time will tell if Crystal have enough toughness to become champions.

The results of the morning half of the ninth matchday of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Uralets – Ledianye Voiny 4-2
Crystal – Armeets 4:5
Armeets – Ledianye Voiny 2:5
Crystal – Uralets 13:7
Uralets – Armeets 2:4
Ledianye Voiny – Crystal 2:4

Ferrum and Chetyre Ledokola return in the second half of the 10th gameday, and they are expected to make at least some changes to the game, as the teams sit last and penultimate in the standings respectively. They will have to prove their ability to beat their opponents against Ledianye Voiny and Crystal.