Beginning of the 9th Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

Beginning of the 9th Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

The morning half of the ninth game day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021 was rich in events, but not for the Kuznya team, who as a result of the game day lost second place in the standings and risk to fall even deeper, with a successful performance by the Armeets in the second half of the game day.

The Mogilev side lost all their matches on game day for the first time. It is almost impossible to explain the reasons for such poor results. One can only assume that the other teams have become accustomed to the Belarussian team’s style of play, and that the goalie play is no longer as magical as it seemed in the early days. The situation is not as dire at this stage, but I would like the team to come back the way they were, strong and winning.

The team from Kazakhstan made the most out of today’s matchday, securing 3 wins that allowed them to climb to #6 in the standings and climb out of the hole the team was in during the first days. Another leader is Evgeny Luzin, who’s scored 42 points in 21 games and is currently the team’s top scorer.

Minsk took advantage over Mogilev, leaving them in sole possession of second place in the standings. The defeat to Almaty is a blow to Belsk’s recent results, but in this match, the team lost to the best team of the morning half.

The Molotoboytsy are still in a precarious state. Yes, the team snapped a seven-match losing streak by beating Kuznya. Striker Maxim Bogatin, who joined the team yesterday, shines in the team, who has scored 7 points in 4 games, and Bogatin was involved in 5 of the team’s 6 goals in the win. Something hints that the team are in for more reinforcements, as the team are still in the bottom of the standings.

The results of the morning half of the 9th matchday of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Belsk – Kuznya 8:4
Molotoboytsy – Almaty 3:6
Kuznya – Molotoboytsy 5:6
Almaty – Belsk 4:3
Kuznya – Almaty 2:5
Belsk – Molotoboytsy 6:4

Tomorrow both Belarussian teams go for the day off, and with the successful performance of the Russian teams – Uralets and Armeets, they can take places at the top of the standings, although they will have another face-to-face confrontation.