Summary of the 7th Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

Summary of the 7th Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

In the evening half of the seventh game day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021, two teams from the top and bottom of the standings faced each other. The spectators were treated to an interesting continuation of the Belarusian derby, as well as Molotoboytsy and Almaty, who returned from their holiday. Sensations were made by two teams at once, and these sensations were paradigmatic in their positivity.

The first sensation was Almaty, which received reinforcements by Ilya Ostrovskiy. The team finally started beating not only Ferrum, moreover, in one evening the team achieved 40% of all their victories in the tournament. Moreover, it’s hard to say that these victories were neither accidental nor undeserved. In the first match the team defeated the Minsk team Belsk not without difficulty, and in the last match of the evening the Molotoboytsy team was literally smashed. Even in their defeat, the team from Kazakhstan looked very confident, and one could see that some quality reinforcements, rest and adaptation at short hockey helped the team. Perhaps the team can climb out of the penultimate place in the standings and repeat the achievement of Dinamo at the ISHF Liga Pro Belarus Open 20/21.

The second sensation of the evening was the Molotoboytsy, who lost all their matches, failing to show any solid play in all matches of the evening. If in the attacking line everything goes more or less well, then in defence the team has Armageddon in every game. The lack of chemistry between the defence and goaltender is obvious, but it’s been a week of the tournament, the team has had 2 days off and plenty of games to find the balance between all lines of play.

Mogilev Kuznya and Crystal returned to the tournament after one weekend, but unlike their direct rivals from Electrostal, the Belarussian team was unable to score a 100% win. The team lost to their rivals from Minsk, Belsk, who did not give up the game to their opponents, constantly taking the lead over their rivals, if not in terms of play, then certainly in terms of score. The match against Almaty was no less difficult, but the Mogilev team managed to get the result they deserved.

Belsk is not stable yet. On the one hand, the team plays with confidence, scoring goals and trying to impose their game on their opponent, but in each individual game there is no certainty that the team will emerge victorious from the confrontation. Yes, the Minsk team repaid their “debt” to their Mogilev opponents for their 3-0 defeat, but, at the same time, there was a sensational defeat from Almaty, which cannot be called undeserved, despite its sensationalism.

Results of the evening half of the seventh match day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Belsk – Almaty 4:6
Molotoboytsy – Kuznya 3:8
Kuznya – Almaty 3:1
Molotoboytsy – Belsk 2:6
Belsk – Kuznya 4:2
Almaty – Molotoboytsy 7:4

On April 8, in the first half of the game day, the spectators will see another Belarusian derby, as well as a battle of the outsiders – the match between Latvian Ferrum and Chetyre Ledokola.

In the second half, Armeets and Uralets return in pursuit of Crystal and Kuznya, who, in addition to their head-to-head encounter, will need to beat the Phoenix-like rising team from Almaty and the feverish Molotoboytsy.