Summary of the 5th Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

Summary of the 5th Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021

Evening half of the fifth Gameday
ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021 was rich in unexpected results and little sensations. The teams were equal in level of play and therefore everyone beat everyone and there was no team that was superior to its opponents, thereby, simply at the expense of level, obtaining the necessary result.

Team Chetyre Ledokola, at the end of the match day, were unable to dislodge Team Almaty from 8th place in the standings, with just one win in their 3 evening matches. The team clearly needs to think about discipline, as they are awarded an abnormal number of penalty shots, which sooner or later will be converted by their opponents. The team have only 2 wins in 12 games so far (behind Almaty), but it’s hard to argue that everyone expects the team to produce the more convincing results they’re capable of – time has proven.

Belsk is the only team in the evening’s foursome to lose to the Four Icebreakers. If not for this defeat they would have taken the 3rd place in the standings of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021, but unfortunately for the Belarusian team they could not score enough goals in regulation time and in the penalty shoot-out the Russian team was more accurate. This result seemed to only motivate the players, and they were able to recoup the lost points from the other Russian teams playing in the evening part of game day 5.

The Molotoboytsy also suffered only one defeat, just against an angry Belsk. The team led by the ISHF LIGA PRO BELARUS OPEN Jakhn Cup 2021 MVP Evgeni Kostin continues to show the unsure game and many fans are beginning to get worried, because the team brought together some star players, from whom everyone expected victories, but at the moment with a record of 5-6 the team from Russia ranks 7th in the standings. We’ll see what the team has to show on the next game day, but the margin is already good with 2 wins in 3 games.

One of the oldest teams in short hockey history, the Ledianye Voiny have yet to give a clue as to what they can claim for a championship or cup. Yes, Viktor Korniakov continues to “save”, returning to the squad after the start of the tournament, Victor Chystyakov is still “not much of a talker” on the ice. Relative to average results, the team doesn’t concede much, but even that, sometimes, is enough to give up the necessary 3 points. And today, a confident win over the Four Icebreakers and equally confident defeats to Belsk and the Hammers.

The results of the evening half of the fifth game day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021:

Belsk – Four Icebreakers 2-3.
Hammersmiths v Ice Warriors 4-2
Ice Warriors v Four Icebreakers 6-3
Ice Warriors – Belsk 2:3
Belsk – Ice Warriors 5:2
Four Icebreakers – Hammers 4:5

It so happens that the Molotoboytsy go back to rest for game day 6, but instead of the two resting teams, the leaders Kuznya and Crystal return to the ice. The first half of Game Day 6 of the ISHF Liga Pro Electrostal Open 2021 will bring together a mind-blowing foursome of teams: Uralets, Armeets, Crystal and Ledianye Voiny, and the day itself will start with another clash between two Russian teams from Kachkanar and Balashikha.