Nikita Sandyrev: when I came here, I thought it would be easier…

Nikita Sandyrev: when I came here, I thought it would be easier…

After a few days of games, we finally talked to the hero of the first days of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2022, goalkeeper of the Belarusian team Kuznya Mogilev, Nikita Sandyrev.

— During the first few gamedays many spectators noted your confident play. Some even give you the title of best goalkeeper in the tournament. Have you had any experience of short hockey?

— Yes, I had a little experience playing short hockey in the summer. After the season was cut in June due to the worldwide epidemic, I left Ukraine, where the playoffs were cut off, returned to my hometown, Magnitogorsk, and there, yes, I played by the same rules pretty much the whole summer.

— Where did you play before that?

— In Ukraine, HC Kremenchuk.

— Successfully?

— We were in first place before the season was suspended. Before that I`ve been playing in Turkey, WHL, First League.

— After you`ve “tried” short hockey, did you stay in hockey?

— No, I returned to Ukraine, pre-season training began, but then there were problems…

— So why have you decided to resume your career in short hockey, by coming to this tournament?

— Well, first of all, it is a job. Secondly, I had an understanding of the sport, albeit small, so I knew what I was getting into and came here knowingly.

— And how did you find the tournament?

— Well, to begin with, when I came here, I thought it would be easier. It turned out that the tournament is at a very high level, there are a lot of experienced players. I admit I was surprised.

— And how is your team?

— Great! We are playing, we are in the second place. Everything is good.

— Do they help you?

— Of course, without them we would not be in second place.

— But still, the goalkeeper is an important part of the team. What is the success of this game? Experience?

— It happens that way. You could say it is by chance. We play as a team, each for each other, that’s all. Somewhere they help me, somewhere I help them. The rules allow the goalkeeper to start the team’s attacks. I do not follow the statistics of “dry” matches, the main thing is victories. Whether you have conceded 1, 2 or 5 – it does not matter, the main thing is to score more. ( laughs )

— But out of all the goalkeepers in the tournament, you are the one who stands out…

— Thank you, that’s flattering. Thanks to all who watch, who cheer.

If you will be invited to the first World Short Hockey Championship, will you go?

— Yeah, I’d love to, if invited, of course.