ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN. Gameday 3, morning part.

ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN. Gameday 3, morning part.

Today in the first half of Day 3 of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN 2021, the teams Molotoboytsy, Chetyre Ledokola , Crystal and Kuznya played.

In head-to-head encounter, the two debutants of the tournament found out which of them would be able to get the cherished and much needed points for their teams.

The main event of the first half of the third day was the match between Kuznya and Crystal. The team from Mogilev suffered the first defeat for the team from Electrostal at the tournament, and time and again the goalie of the Belarusian team saved his team, standing up to the strong attacking line of the opponent. In this match the Electrostal club managed to take revenge, confidently beating their opponent 9-2, even the excellent game of goalkeeper Nikita Sandyrev did not help Kuznya to avoid defeat. Both teams look very confident against their opponents, and in the remaining matches of this game day they managed to beat both the Molotoboytsy and the Chetyre Ledokola team.

The match between Kuznya and the Chetyre Ledokola gave the spectators their first after match penalty shootout of the tournament, which the team from Mogilev won without much difficulty, seemingly 0-2.

Gradually the tournament begins to form a group of leaders, which with each match forms a gap from the pursuers, but tonight the teams, from which exceptionally high results are expected in this tournament – Armeets and Uralets, and also the teams, which surprised yesterday with their results – Almaty and Ferrum, will play each other.

Molotoboytsy – Chetyre Ledokola 5:3

Crystal – Kuznya 9:2

Chetyre Ledokola – Crystal 2:4

Kuznya – Molotoboytsy 5:2

Chetyre Ledokola – Kuznya 4:5

Molotoboytsy – Crystal 2:6

And many viewers expect at least one team to pursue the leaders.