The evening part of the second Gameday. Summary.

The evening part of the second Gameday. Summary.

The second half of the game day saw a rather interesting quartet come together: Crystal, the only team to win in all games played on the first game day; Kuznia, whose goalkeeper got the views of all spectators, and the two tournament debutants, Almaty and Ferrum.

It is hard to say which team surprised the spectators more: Ferrum or Almaty, but in both cases the surprise was negative.

The team from Kazakhstan conceded 15 goals in their first game of the tournament, having replaced their goalkeeper midway through the 2nd period.  The second game gave no hope for the Almaty players, as they lost 6-1 to Belarus’s Kuznya. The only glimmer of light in this evening was a 12-1 victory over Ferrum.

The team from Latvia managed to surpass the ‘achievement’ of their colleagues from Kazakhstan, losing all 3 matches with a score difference of 1:21. For 2 games in a row, the team were unable to score against their opponents.

The team that surprised all the short hockey fans – Crystal showed a solid game today, setting a record (for the time being) for goals scored (15), but lost to Kuznia Mogilev, whose keeper worked wonders throughout the second half.

The last team in this review is Kuznia Mogilev, but last only because they were able to put up a solid performance throughout the evening, beating Crystal in the main game of the second half of the game day. 

Many fans and experts like the performances of Kuznia goaltender , Nikita Sandyrev, who has already had one clean sheet, and Nikita himself is considered one of the best goaltenders of the two game days.

Crystal – Almaty 15:5

Ferrum – Kuznia 0:2

Kuznia – Almaty 6:1

Ferrum – Crystal 0:7

Crystal – Kuznia 5:8

Almaty – Ferrum 12:1

On the third game day, teams Belsk and Ledianye Voiny will head off for a well-deserved rest, and their place will be taken by Armeets and Uralets.