Summary of the First Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN

Summary of the First Gameday of ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN

The first match day of the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN tournament is over. Today, the teams took to the arena “Metallurg” in Electrostal near Moscow for the first time and the players finally ended their long wait for the start of the tournament. 

In the “evening” group of teams were exclusively debutants of tournaments under the auspices of ISHF, namely: Molotoboytsy, Kuznya, Crystal and Chetyre Ledokola.

The biggest surprise for spectators was the performance of local team Crystal, who without seemingly much difficulty managed to win all three games, with an overall score of 27-15. Some spectators even started to write Electrostal club in the shadow favourites of the whole tournament, on a par with Uralets. But we should not forget that it was only the first match day. And at the same time, I would like to note that the team showed very confident and solid hockey throughout all the games, as the team is equipped with very experienced players who have in their biography different clubs of the higher leagues. 

To summarise the first day’s games, we would like to make the reader’s attention to the fact that at least once each team managed to clinch a win today. This tells us that the tournament promises to be an interesting one, and that the teams will be relentless in every single game.

The second game day will start with the teams of Almaty and Ferrum, who, unlike the other teams, are the only representatives of their countries at the ISHF LIGA PRO ELECTROSTAL OPEN tournament.

The results of the matches of the evening half of the first Gameday:

Molotoboytsy – Kuznya 3:4

Crystal – Chetyre Ledokola 9:3

Chetyre Ledokola – Kuznya 6:2

Crystal – Molotoboytsy 8:5

Molotoboytsy – Chetyre Ledokola 10:5

Kuznya – Crystal 7:10