Mikhail Romanov — young, but experienced defender with a dream about Olimpics gold medals.

Mikhail Romanov — young, but experienced defender with a dream about Olimpics gold medals.

A young defenceman, finds himself by chance at the International Short Hockey Competition in Belarus. He plays for the Chicago Ghosts, at the invitation of the team leaders. 

— How did you get the invitation to participate in the competition?

— Initially I got an offer from an agent, I got curious, decided to see what kind of sport it was, looked it up, found out more. I talked to my parents, they supported me. I bought tickets and came to get acquainted with short hockey.

— How do you find the organization of the tournament? 

— Everything is on a high level. I really like the layout of the arena: big locker rooms, dryers for uniforms and a place to wash your clothes. Food is delicious. But of course the most important thing is that there is intensive practice of short hockey.

— You are a young athlete, but nevertheless impress fans and experts with your very solid game, is short hockey an easy game? Or is it a different sport, and there are nuances you still have to deal with? 

— Short hockey is something new to me. Different rules, special features, no power play. I am gradually getting used to the game, forming my own game tactics. Because of the smaller ice, you have to make quicker decisions and open up for passes.

— You’ve played in youth leagues in North America. Do you think the North American tournament, scheduled for May-June 2021, will excite the local fans? 

— I think Americans will be interested in watching short hockey, hockey fans might be interested in the new sport.

— Do you have your personal fans? 

— Parents and friends.

— Which of the players in this tournament do you like playing? 

— Ivan Shirokalov. A good player and person, both on and off the ice.

— Besides sports, what else are you passionate about?

— Besides playing hockey, my time is taken up by my studies.

— If you get an invitation to the next short hockey tournament, would you accept it?

— Not sure yet. These days it`s hard to predict, but if I`m free I`d love to come.

— Are there any plans (in your career) for 2021?

— I plan to get an American Visa to continue my career in North American hockey leagues.

— And one last question: what would you like to see your career peak (any personal awards/records), which team would you like to play for?

— My dream is to play in the NHL, win the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks and win the Olympics with the national team.