Evgeniy Kostin – always, playing short hockey, I am around great people.

Evgeniy Kostin – always, playing short hockey, I am around great people.

After another game day we spoke with the captain of Dinamo Tbilisi – Evgeniy Kostin, whose team managed to rise from the 5th line of the standings in a very short period of time and is now competing with the leader.

— How long have you been a short hockey player?

— I’ve been playing short hockey since the sport’s inception. It’s been about three years now.

— What attracts you to it?

— It is a very dynamic and fast game in which everything can change at any second. And of course the teammates are important – no matter where I play, I’m always surrounded by great guys.

— What do you think of the organization of the tournament?

— The organization of the tournament is excellent. Everything is done at the highest level for the game, and there are no problems in terms of everyday life.

— Your team started the tournament not very well, but now is in the lead – what has changed?

— There was no understanding between the players on the ice. It is understandable that everyone was playing for the first time with each other, we needed to play at least a couple of games to start understanding our teammates.

We had a couple of meetings, got to know each other and communicate, and after a couple of games we started to understand each other better on the ice, so the results were like that.

Moreover, there was a very good transfer to our team that strengthened the weaknesses of our team.

— I was surprised to find out that you’re not among the leaders in individual statistics. Do you follow it yourself?

— No, I don`t. I only care about the team’s positive result in every single game, and how many goals and assists I have scored is of secondary importance.

— Many people say, you have an accurate and very powerful shot; is it a talent or a trained skill?

— That’s an interesting question… I think so: my strong shot is a natural result of my size, but its accuracy is a result of years of hard training.