Anton Borko: «Don’t like getting up for games at 8am…»

Anton Borko: «Don’t like getting up for games at 8am…»

An interview with Anton Borko, captain of the leader of the tournament table – team Uralets.

— Hi Anton, let’s get started. How long have you been playing short game hockey and how did you get to know the sport?

— I’ve been playing for about two years. I got into it very simply – the president of the Russian Short Hockey Federation called me in.

— After a long winning streak, you started to have defeats. What is the reason?

— I think other teams were tuning on us out differently, also after we made a couple of very impressive comebacks on the last day of the previous year. We were tired after a few days in a row, but now we’re rested and ready to win again. As it said, there are no victories without defeats.

— Is that your first international tournament? 

— Yes, although, as I said earlier, I’ve been in the sport for quite a long time.

— How do you find the organization of the tournament? 

— Everything is very cool, it was done at the highest level. Very glad that I can be a part of such a great event.

— Is there anything you don’t like?

— Getting up for the games at 8 am. (laughing )

— No questions for the referees?

— What a provocative question… You can see that the referees, like many players, are still getting used to the new sport. I have not noticed any controversial moments. 

I think that when everyone, players and referees alike, will have a chance to get used to the atmosphere of short hockey for at least a week, then you won’t have the question about referees anymore.