Sergey Khruschev — Our goal is to win this tournamen!

Sergey Khruschev — Our goal is to win this tournamen!

Today we were able to talk with Sergey Khruschev, the general manager of the Uralets team, about the team’s prospects in the upcoming Liga Pro World Challenges Series tournament – Belarus Open.

— Greetings Sergey, what are your expectations from this tournament?

— Good day! We have a lot of expectations, we want to show our skills and spectacular game to make the fans interested in our hockey.

— In the previous tournament the Armeets team showed great professionalism – having won all the games, do you think you can compete with them?

— Well, you haven`t seen my guys on the ice yet. All the guys are ready and motivated. We watched and analyzed the Army team’s games, I think that the first confrontation between Russian teams will give the fans a lot of positive emotions from the fast and high-quality short hockey.

— Besides the Armeets team, who else would you like to play against?

— Well, the final list of participants  isn’t known yet, but as I said – my guys will show their class no matter who’s on the other side of the ice. Yes, the Armeets won all the games at the start, it’s a phenomenal result, but no one knows how things would have continued if the failure of the organizers did not happen … Our goals are: to win the title, to avoid injuries among the players and to keep them fit until the end.

Our goal is to win this tournament, there can be no other options for the Urals.