Pavel Kornienko – about his future team and expectations.

Pavel Kornienko – about his future team and expectations.

Dear short hockey fans, we are glad to introduce you Pavel Kornienko – the new player of the Russian team Armeets (he does not know it at the time of our dialogue).

— Greetings Pavel, how are you feeling before the tournament?

— Hi! I`m in a good mood. I`ve been out on the ice a few times already, to try it out.

— What are your expectations from the tournament? What team are you going to play for?

— Well… It`s hard to say. Of course, I want to win, score, and just to go to the ice is already exciting. As for the team – I don`t know yet. I don`t have much choice – either Armeets or Uralets.

— And where do you want to go?

— Probably in Armeets.

— Why?

— They have a beautiful uniform (laughing). I’m joking, of course, not just because of the uniform. I`ve watched their games in Slovakia, 7 wins in seven games – very good result, but the guys missed me. (laughing)

— Are you glad to play in this tournament?

— Of course! I met a lot of old friends we haven’t seen for a long time, and here we have the opportunity to play side by side, and in general Belarus was very hospitable to us, so I have only positive expectations and emotions.