Between the rounds, we decided to ask one of the leaders of the Armeets team how he started the tournament and his plans for the entire championship.

The first match for the team was the opening match – was there any excitement?

– There was no excitement for us, but we felt responsible, because we have to open the first major international Short Hockey Competition.  But specifically about us – we wanted to win in order to start the tournament with positive emotions for further positive results of our team.

7: 2 – a very solid victory, what do you think was your main advantage over your opponent?

– Everything is simple: coordinated actions in attack and defence, support and assistance of partners, as well as confident play of our goalkeeper – all these are important aspects in achieving victory.

Which opponent do you expect most of all?

– All teams are good, each in its own aspect, everywhere there are high-class masters, but at the moment I can single out the Estonian team Everest – they have a very good selection of players who are strong physically and technically, and it is also clear that this is already well-played team  that doesn’t need time to find chemistry.  So we are probably looking forward to the most games with this team.

I understand that the main team goal is to win the tournament, but do you set any personal goals for the tournament?

– Personal tasks always fade into the background, as you said, we have only one task – to win the tournament.

Well, maybe you want to score 50 goals, or make 80 assists?

I never chased personal statistics, because for me it is not the main task.

Okay, thank you for your time!

Thank you too.